“Try to guess!Really interesting,And you might guess!”Wang Shuai is excited,Chen Wenjin didn’t want to bother,Listen to him,But also aroused some curiosity of deduction,So I wondered about the situation of the relevant person,Finally, he asked suspiciously:“You don’t mean to say……Abao is interested in your bounty?”

“I go!”Wang Shuai yelled excitedly,But feel the voice is a little louder,So I lowered my voice again,Still unable to conceal his excitement, he pointed at Chen Wenjin and screamed again:“I go!——You really guessed it!”
Chen Wenjin is a little confused……A Leopard would actually be eyeing Wang Shuai’s bonus?
“Shouldn’t?He can take the initiative to let Qiangwei do her beauty?Is it the result of rose induction??”Chen Wenjin thought about unreasonable,Abao and Qiangwei have known each other not long ago,He is liking Qiangwei,Still holding his face without revealing the real situation,How could you shamelessly ask Qiangwei to do this for Wang Shuai’s bounty??
“what……You still guessed wrong!”Wang Shuai said happily:“Hum,Are you a magical plan,Sometimes it’s wrong!”
“……Abao wants someone else to do this?”Chen Wenjin understands,Just strange,Abao has a suitable candidate?
“I don’t know who he is looking for,He called me,Determined the bonus amount,Said he can find someone to do this,At that time, you only need to receive a 1,000 yuan deposit,If it fails, he will refund me the deposit。Let me not leave this to others。”Wang Shuai finished,Went into the bathroom,He sees the door is closed,Stop talking。
moment,Two people came out,Wang Shuai just continued:“How interesting you say this is,Qiangwei hasn’t contacted me yet,Abao is here first,I guess I want to take the money and put more capital into the stock。”
“Qiangwei can hold his breath,She still says she has faith in Abao,Not interested in your bounty?”Chen Wenjin deliberately asked Wang Shuai:“You said that number yesterday,Make sure Qiangwei remembers?”
“Not sure i would say that?I got it,Rose liberal arts grades are very good,Science is weaker,People with good liberal arts will not have poor memory。Just have to say it once,A leopard doesn’t think Qiangwei can remember the number,Qiangwei has no worries。”That’s it for Wang Shuai,Closer,Whisper:“Qiangwei is very active,Yesterday I played with Tank and Xiaoji,I guess she went to the temptation first,I feel confident about making this money,Will contact me,Leopard is also a piece of fat,Qiangwei won’t be willing to lose it,She wants to make my money and she doesn’t want to lose this piece of fat Abao。”
“You started the punishment,no problem,But let Abao get out of the pit of Qiangwei as soon as possible,Don’t fix him on purpose。We said,Don’t throw Abao away。”Chen Wenjin knows that Wang Shuai is very interested in Qiangwei。
“I don’t have the motivation to save Abao,He’s fine,The chances of getting out of the pit are,How to choose is his own business。According to me,He is not sucked blood by Rose,Sooner or later there will be a second rose,You can’t pull him up。”Wang Shuai said again:“See who Abao is looking for,It can be used for a long time if it is easy to use。Rose is fun,I think it can help us justice league for a long time,In the future, we can see how her future will change,It’s fun to think about it!”
Say this,Run into the head of the securities department,See them,All smiles,Standing politely on the side of the road,Invited them to go first,Before continuing to the bathroom。
Wang Shuai turned his head and glanced,said laughingly:“This is the reality of life,Have the ability to give others what they need,You can use the power of others。My dad said he has a colleague who hates it,Occupy a key position,But he’s invulnerable,It happens to have a background and can’t move,Many things can’t be done because that person is stuck,Can’t push。so,I’m not afraid that others will come together for good,I like to have such a person come to my door to enrich my life。”
“You go in,I contact butterfly。”Chen Wenjin’s lack of enjoyment,On the contrary, I feel that this life reality is helpless and sad,I really can’t talk about it。
Wang Shuai waved his hand and went in first,Chen Wenjin can’t call Butterfly directly,Originally, the butterfly also said,Contact via Xiaoyu。