Dalin Town, Cole-Zone: High-efficiency breeding makes the villagers live "cattle"

In recent years, in order to develop the growth of the collective economy, increase the income of the villagers, Gaisi Village, Dalin Town, Cole, led the cultivation professional cooperative, lead the villagers, breeding the basic cow, push the breeding industry, the development, and the development A rural revitalization of a country. Garden’s tradition has a tradition of nurses, most of the farmers have two or three cows, but the benefits are not ideal. In order to let the cattle industry release the maximum industrial effect, the Garden acres, the village, the pre-pretrieving, actively explore, will Resources re-integration, leading to encouraging villagers who have a willingness to develop beef cattle, and promote the development of aquaculture industry. Deng Hailiang is a traditional farmer. The number of cattle is less, and the null technology is not mature. After joining the village farming professional cooperative, he raised the cow to form a scale, busy every day, his face is also increasingly more.

"I originally raised the 16th cow, and I have grown more than 80 times after joining the cooperative, and nearly 20 times a year is growing." Deng Haoliang said. With the direction, learn technology, cooperative, and the discussion of loan breeding, the rural credit cooperatives invites rural credit cooperatives to understand the willingness of loans in the village, and set up a three-party linkage team with the town government to unify the loan demand for cooperative members. UNPROFOR. At the same time, the Branch of the Gaisi Village proposed the development model of "breeding binding, raising", and maximizing resource utilization and farming income.

At present, the whole village promotes more than 2,000 mu of high quality silage corn, more than 20,000 more increasing, more than 2,000 yuan, can provide more than 6,000 tons of high-quality feed for meat cattle.

Ma Jingshan, the secretary of the Branch of the Garden, said: "We plan to build a farm and feed processing plant, move the cattle out of the village, and realize people’s livestock separation, and lay the foundation for the construction of beautiful rural and rural revitalization.

"Next, the Party branch of the Gaisi Municip will continue to study the management of breeding professional cooperatives, with better breeding services, more professional breeding technology, to create more income, help rural villages. (Huang Yuxi Liu Hai) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Share let more people see the recommended reading.