81.7% of young people who have been visited by young people have more young people who are being worked around – People’s Political Consultative Conference

% In the young people who have been visited by youth, what is the most popular? Micro-commercial, online platforms, selling curriculum resources, in the top three, young people have more choices in career development.

Extend interest hobbies, improve income, improve wealth … More and more young people have joined the "Secretary for Madjun".

Which occupations are welcome by young people? What did you engage in sub-industries? A few days ago, the China Youth News Social Survey Center jointly questioned a survey of 2454 years old young people,% of the young people who were visited by the young people were more. Micro business, network platform, selling curriculum resources, these three sub-industries are most popular. Launching the secondary industry,% of the visited youth believes that there is a chance to try more likely,% of the visited youth represents rich spiritual life and amateur life.

Among youth, men account for%, women account for%.

Living in a first-tier city accounts for%, the second-tier cities account for%, the three-tier cities account for the%, urban or county, accounting for the body.

% The young people who have been visited by the youth are young people who have been working around, and the second school students in the Tianjin colleges and universities are clear (pseudonym). "What to do, there is a written novel to the website platform, there is a manuscript drawing, and some students hung up the course resource on the network platform to sell.

Different channels have been made through different channels. "

% Is more young people who have been visiting the youth.

What are the fields of young people to carry out a care? According to the survey, the micro-commercial (%), next is the network platform Daren (%), selling curriculum resources (%), overseas purchasing (%), car driver (%), design (%), etc.

Package is considered that the secondary industry, making micro business and writing more.

"Micro business is low, less investment, fast.

Publish product information in a circle of friends, communicate with customers, you can complete a transaction.

And the time of writing is more flexible, in line with the needs of the young people. "Hangzhou guy Cai Li (a pseudonym), now, now the network is developed, everyone uses mobile phones, many sub-industries that can be completed on mobile phone, such as selling online courses, overseas purchasing, doing Wear blog, etc.

Professor of Business School, China University of Political Science and Law, Director Wang Wei, director of the Human Resources Development and Management Research Center, China University of Political Science and Law, said that young people are passionate about the deputy, and largely reflect the diversified pattern of current employment market.

On the basis of traditional formal employment, a series of new employment forms such as flexible employment, self-employment is presented in the form of non-standard employment, and the development momentum is very good, providing more employment choices for young people, also It reflects that everyone’s recognition of multi-choice concept is a kind of inclusion. % Interview with yourself that there is a chance to conduct more possibilities. "I have a friend around me because I love painting, put the work to the network platform, accidentally harvested many praise and attention, so I started to take the date of painting. This gives her no small encouragement and affirmation.

"Bao Ying believes that young people are self-confidence in their ability, and they can also have a certain experience in formal work.

And the secondary industry can obtain some income, which is an independent manifestation in the growth process. Liu Qing, Beijing Workplace Youth, is intended to be a deputy industry. In her opinion, young people are independent, they want to rely on their parents, through their own efforts to obtain economic income. And by doing a secondary industry, they can put the remaining efforts to get happiness. "Of course, there are also some young people who are engaged in sub-industries because of the unstable and low payroll."

Cai Lili feels that it is engaged in the new skills to learn new skills, improve the comprehensive capacity, including financial management capabilities, copyright writing skills, data analysis capabilities. You can also understand different people, slowly accumulate people, and make the foundation for future entrepreneurship.

It can also avoid unemployment risk. "A college student I know has my own secondary business. It is still not bad. When he works, it is not so angry. If you graduate, you can’t get into the job immediately, you can live in the second business."

For the secondary industry,% of the visited youth believes that there is a chance to try more likelihood,% of the young people feel rich in spiritual life and amateur life,% of the visited youth points out that it can break through the self, enhance personal value,% Visiting youth feels that it can increase social experience. Zhongqing report · Zhongqing.com reporter Du Yuanchun intern Wang Jiulong Source: China Youth Daily Editor: Li Minjie.