Baoding: Borrowing the Logistics Conference "Dongfeng" actively constructs modern logistics space layout form

People’s Network Baoding On October 21st (Zhang Jihang) "The city ‘four vertical and four-horizontal quadruple two-ring’ highway network layout basic formation, Jingxiong Bao City, Xiongsuku High-speed Railway and other major transportation projects steadily advanced, Beijing The first phase of the International Logistics Park in Tianjin has completed … "On the 20th, at the 8th China International Logistics Development Conference, Baoding Municipal Party Committee Secretary Party Xiaolong proposed that Baoding’s logistics industry, positive Welcome to the chance of development. The logistics industry is an important support for the development of a modern industrial system. In the construction of a modern circulation system, promoting the formation of a strong domestic market, promoting the high quality development of the national economy. It is understood that in terms of logistics industry development, Baoding has a significant location trend, broad market prospects, solid industrial foundation. At present, Baoding’s logistics scale is stable and increased, and the logistics strength is significantly enhanced, and the logistics industry enters the steady development stage.

In 2020, the total social logistics in the city is 807 billion yuan, the logistics industry added billion yuan, the city’s transportation, warehousing and postal investment growth rate is%. Traditional logistics companies are gradually transforming modern logistics companies, logistics enterprises, information, standardization, and supply chain management levels. In order to optimize the development environment of the logistics industry, Baoding has introduced a cold-chain logistics, trade logistics, logistics park, logistics, and multiple planning, documents and support policies such as road freight, manufacturing and logistics linkage, express logistics development. "In the past year, Baoding’s development changes is relatively large, let us see greater development potential of Baoding," General Manager of Baoding Agricultural Co., Ltd., said, through the 8th China International Logistics Development Conference, Baoding New Location The peasant vegetable wholesale market introduced the well-known agricultural logistics enterprises in the industry, will build a "Pin Agricultural Town Town", and build Baoding Wisdom Agricultural Products Logistics Park.

The Pinnaked Town Town Project will lay out in Hong Kong and Macau, Baoding, East Third Ring, 330 mu, the first phase starting area is 500 mu, and the total project investment is 4 billion yuan. At the opening ceremony of the 8th China International Logistics Development Conference, additional Agricultural Time Town Project 12 projects in the new district (Dingxing) Lands – Shipping Mail Processing Center projects are all in line with industrial policies, pre-conditions, and high-quality cooperation projects with demonstration and driven.

According to Party Xiaolong, Baoding City is working to build a city in the modern quality life in the world-class city group in Beijing, build a fresh-lived agricultural product logistics circle of Jingjin, one hour, build a national business service, land-type national logistics Hub and express logistics, equipment manufacturing logistics, characteristic industry logistics industry cluster, build Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao, Beijing-Baoji intersection and land sea interlaced, land air international intermodal logistics channel, actively build "one ring" "two hub" "three episodes" Modern logistics spatial layout form of "four channels". At present, Baoding City Wisdom Cold Chain Logistics (Phase), Huitong Road Port Logistics, Modern Medical Device Reservoir Center, Gaobeid New Ground Cold Chain Warehousing (Phase III) and other smart logistics projects solid promotion, national commercial And the land-type logistics hub bearer in the city. (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.