The rider on the motorcycle wears a black leather jacket,With a red helmet,Zhou did not reveal any information that could prove his identity。

I heard the roar of the motorcycle,Lu Menglin shuddered suddenly,Turning to look in the direction of the sound source,I couldn’t help but yelled:“Be careful!”
Talking late,Then soon!A figure beside Lu Menglin jumped out like a Jaguar。
Chen Jiannan!He really is the fastest in the school!Started almost at the same time as the motorcycle,One person one car,From two different directions,At the same time, they pounced on the father and son。
Looking at the momentum like a crazy tiger,Chen Jiannan rushed,Wang Shaoxiao is obviously a little confused。
He knew Lu Menglin’s killer plan,I didn’t expect to be so direct and rude。
“Your sister’s,I’m also here!I am his son,What do you want me to do?”Only one thought flashed through Wang Shaoxiao’s mind,I was immediately dazzled by the headlights of the motorcycle coming straight ahead。
In a trance,Wang Shaoxiao only felt that he was hit hard by someone,Even his drunken father fell into the green belt on the side of the road。
Chen Jiannan is still the first line,He was before that weird motorcycle hit the father and son,Pushed them out recklessly。
Motorcycles whizzing by,The rider on the car probably didn’t expect,There will be such a desperate guy suddenly killed,Shengsheng saved the father and son。
After this motorcycle rushed out more than ten meters,Turn around again,Still turn on the headlights,So dazzling people can’t open their eyes。
When it’s dying,Wang Chaogui’s drunkenness has already woke up。
This motorcycle rider is weird,If it is an ordinary accident,At this time, the driver should get out of the car to see if he has hit the talent.。
And if the other person is timid and afraid,Should run away immediately。But this person not only didn’t run,Didn’t take the initiative to come,But the car didn’t even turn off,Still turn on the headlights。
What he wanna do?
Chen Jiannan stared at the motorcycle closely,And the mysterious man in the car。
No matter his face is fierce,A pose that will provoke trouble at any time,But he knew very well in his heart,If that motorcycle rushes over again,Don’t say you can’t protect Wang Shaoxiao and his son,Even myself is in danger。
Because Chen Jiannan rushed too hard just now,When pushing away Wang Shaoxiao and his son,Got stuck in the back by the wheel of that motorcycle,It’s just that he has a tough physique,Forcibly pretending to be okay。
really,The rider on that motorcycle is heartbroken,Boomed the throttle again,And drew a sharp long knife from the back seat。