The door to the west room where Chen Gui lives is also half open,Chen Erniu took a look,I thought his wife should be in the house。So just stepped up the steps,Shouted loudly:“Is sister-in-law at home??”

“Who?”A woman’s tender voice came from the house。
Chen Erniu heard someone in the house,Stepped in,The scene before him made him unresponsive。I saw Wang Youcai lying reclining on the big kang of Chen Gui’s house,And Chen Gui’s wife is sitting on the other side,The point is that this woman wears a little bit,It can be said to be both sexy and charming。
“Yo!It’s Director Chen!Why did you come to our house today?,Is this kid Chen Gui dishonest at work?”Chen Gui’s wife is smiling,Then I jumped off the kang。
This woman is usually a bit devilish,But I never saw her dressed like this,Chen Erniu said something in his mouth for a long time:“You can really dress up,Not afraid of the dogs in the village biting you”
“Director Chen,Why are you still such an old vision?I think she likes wearing men like this,Don’t you think it looks good?“Wang Youcai said,I just sat up straight。
Chen Gui glanced at this guy,Said angrily:“Boss Wang,This is the time for work,You don’t go to work,To chat with someone at home,It’s too easy for you to earn money!“
“Last fart class,I spent a lot of effort to set up a carton factory,You took it back,I don’t chat what do you let me do?“Wang Youcai looks like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water。
Chen Erniu watched Chen Gui’s wife walk away,He lowered his voice and said:”Wang Youcai,Rabbits don’t eat grass,What’s more, this is your brother’s wife“
“You shit,I just came to say a few words to her,Is it possible that Wang Youcai still lacks women?“Wang Youcai snarled angrily。
Chen Erniu tried his best to restrain his emotions and said:“Best without this,I’m just reminding you,My husband goes to work,And you are alone with your wife,Whoever bumps into this will think about it,Can you say no?“
Wang Youcai nodded with interest:“Thank you for reminding,I’m going now“After that, I jumped off the big kang and really left。
Chen Gui’s wife wriggled a round ass and walked in,She saw that Wang Youcai was gone,Asked a little disappointed:“Is he gone?“
“gone,What is he doing now?“Chen Erniu’s mood is still a bit impulsive。
Chen Gui’s wife said with a blank eye:“You can’t let others come if you don’t come,Have something to say!I know that although you are cousins,But you never look down on our Chen Gui“
Tell the truth,Just because Chen Gui was Wang Youcai’s follower since he was a child,So their cousins don’t have much contact on weekdays,As the saying goes。
“you are right,Because we are cousins,That’s why I came to you,But you have to tell me honestly,Chen Gui these days,Do you often stay away at night??“Chen Erniu said,Lowered the voice。