Just stepped in the door,Ma Xiaoli shouted loudly:“Aunt Liu,Is there a seat in the building??“

A middle-aged woman in her forties responded loudly:“The private room upstairs is empty,You go up!“
“Ok,same as usual,Two today”Ma Xiaoli shouted,Xia Jian,Motion him to go upstairs。
An old small wooden building,Looks a bit old,Fortunately, the private room upstairs is clean and hygienic。A small house,There is a small wooden table by the window,On both sides of the table are two wicker chairs。What makes people feel bright is,There are a few pots of very colorful flowers on the windowsill。
Windows open,A breath of fresh air is coming。Xia Jian walked to the window and took a look,It turns out there is a vegetable field outside,Various vegetables are divided into small pieces for planting,A bit dotted。
“Doesn’t it feel good?When i am in a bad mood,Always like to run here。Even if I sit here and drink a cup of tea,The mood will ease down instantly“Ma Xiaoli said,Say hello to Xia Jian to sit down。
To be honest,Have been here for a few days,This fresh air is the first time to breathe。Xia Jian closed his eyes,He seemed to smell the feeling in the farmland of Xiping Village。
The door opened slightly,Interrupted Xia Jian’s thoughts,He sat up straight。The woman who spoke to Ma Xiaoli just now,Holding a tray,The tray is full of bowls and plates。
Ma Xiaoli hurriedly stood up,Helped put these things on the table。Two bowls of shredded pork noodles,A small dish of pickles,A small dish of shredded pepper,There are also two soup dumplings。Xia Jian’s appetite just looks at it,He didn’t wait for Ma Xiaoli to speak,So he moved his chopsticks。
It’s really a treat to eat in this place,Very quiet outside the window,Occasionally I can hear the sound of birds。Xia Jian is enjoying a local breakfast,While taking a peek at Ma Xiaoli,Can’t help asking:“Sister Ma is in trouble??Speak up,Feel uncomfortable in my heart“
“Drank too much last night,So ugly,The key is to say something that shouldn’t be said,Made President Xia laugh“Ma Xiaoli said,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“It doesn’t matter,As the saying goes,Speak truth after drinking,I don’t know what Sister Ma said,Which sentence is true?“
“Stop talking and laughing,Grandpa told me this morning,What I said last night is all true,So please have breakfast early in the morning,Let me tell you something by the way”That’s it for Ma Xiaoli,Stopped chopsticks,Looking at Xia Jian,As if to see Xia Jian’s heart。
Xia Jian finished the last noodle,He knew Ma Xiaoli was going to stand with him,Otherwise she won’t pester him for these two days,I want to talk about love at first sight,Probably won’t happen to him,At first he didn’t look like Pan An,Second life experience is not prominent。Xia Jiangui knows himself well。
“What happened to my family,What i told you last night,So I want to take this business opportunity,Reshuffle Qiangdong,Take back the chairmanship of our Ma family”Ma Xiaoli lowered her voice,Finally said what was in her heart。
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but let out a long breath,He whispered:“Your family affairs,Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with us,How do you let me help you?”