The photographer who doesn’t love the tourist is not a good cook, Nanjing Uncle is creative.

Your browser does not support playback of this video, please upgrade to the latest browser.Modern Express News (Reporter Bai Xue Yin Zhou Ming / Wen Niu Huaxin / Photograph) Nanjing Baixun Road has a small restaurant, a width a meter, which will miss it.

If caring people noticed, we go inside we will find another world.

Lao Chai boss was originally a five-star hotel chef, and later he opened this private kitchens.

Flowers, goldfish, wind chimes, wall photographs, souvenirs …… more than twenty levels of the store not only great, full of the aroma of food, as well as Lao Chai poetry and distant.

△ small rice collection in the alley a hallway do not want to work, he opened the noon parity between private kitchens of spring, he walked into the store Lao Chai, the food aroma blowing.

A small courtyard, ceramic aquarium goldfish swimming happily positive, cage birds also issued to hear, micro-wind blowing, the wind shaking the walls of purple flowers. And many fine decoration different private kitchens, Lao Chai shop seem simple and full of life. △ small yard variety of flowers Niaoyu △ hallway hung Lao Cai travel tickets everywhere this year, 54-year-old 5S – rRNA seven years ago opened this shop, prepare one dish, one chef, old customers like to call him old Cai.

Lao Chai young man in a well-known Sichuan restaurant as an apprentice, learning first-hand burn Sichuan good skills.

The early 2000s, he also represented China to Egypt and Singapore, the spread of Chinese food culture.

After returning home, Lao Chai Nanjing has been hired to do a five-star hotel chef.

Seemingly smooth career and did not let Lao Chai met.

I am a chef, every day think about was how to do the dishes, and some employers may pursue different.

Not want to be around other people thought of Lao Chai, in the vestibule of his home separated out an area, along with the courtyard transformed into today’s private kitchens. △ Lao Chai in the kitchen although private kitchens, but the price of vegetables is very close to the people.

Modern Express reporter on the menu to see the store, the cheapest dish thirteen yuan, even meat dishes, mostly no more than thirty yuan. In addition to kung pao chicken, twice-cooked pork Szechuan classic, love of food Lao Chai also like pondering the development of new dishes. Store black board that read jade bamboo shoots clams fried fish is properly Lok pepper month new dishes. Music is a proper village Guiyang, where the chili is very good, very appropriate to do pepper fish, fried bamboo shoots more refreshing, can relieve hot Sichuan. Lao Chai said, can not always eat the same food to the guests, nothing should be a change of pattern.

△ △ affordable small dishes fried clams jade bamboo shoots pepper fish want △ proper music just graduated from office workers to eat a la carte store to taste the highest rate of home rose flavored egg is exclusive invention of Lao Chai, is his most satisfying dishes. I had observed, whether Omurice, or scrambled eggs, eat up have some dry, I was wondering do not point the soup with egg.

Because good at burning Sichuan, Lao Chai whim, or to try the fish-flavored sauce poured on top of the egg.

The results did not try to make Lao Chai disappointed, fresh and fragrant egg flavored juice out of the collision of great taste. Stir up the egg △ △ ingredients are typical of Sichuan style due to the cheap vegetable servings foot, or taste, Lao Chai restaurant is very popular. Every lunch time, a small narrow courtyard lined up is common. Some young people to Lao Chai shop sent to the Internet, also attracted a lot of people came up punch.

In the circle of friends to see someone recommended this store, I did not expect such a small facade, which was amazing, the food taste good. Zhang and his girlfriend ordered three dishes, took just over 50 blocks, they are pleasantly surprised. △ △ small restaurant packed at noon yard seat and other customers lined up but the popularity of the Internet, Lao Chai is not all happy. When the first shop to eat which are office workers nearby. Lao Chai told reporters that he considered many office workers just graduated a few years, the family is not around, not much money, so I try to do Cook’s foot a little weight, low price of vegetables that they wanted to come to me eating, eat at home taste.

But after a little-known restaurant, Lao Chai worried that these young people do not eat their own dishes.

Sometimes too many people queuing up, they hurry office workers can only give up.

A few days ago a few young people often eat here, specializing Couchu time to line up, say today must eat.

Lao Chai said he was very understanding of these young people out hard, hoping to do more for them to eat, so they have a sense of home for dinner.

△ orders a full life than cooking, as well as flowers and birds and the distant my shop will total more than twenty levels, the kitchen is only a few square meters.

Weigh spoon in the kitchen Lao Chai, to the reporters from their own little world.

Because I like tends the bird fleas, Lao Chai literally in a small space to them Zhaoleyichu place to live.

I like these things, it is generally busy afternoon three or four points, I’m going to take care of these plants and flowers, fish birds. Lao Chai travel and photography is also a good heart, on the wall of the dining area, covered his beat when traveling around the photo. Caka Salt Lake Qinghai Sky Mirror, Guizhou plus list of terraces, Yunnan Diqing Meili Snow Mountain, Malaysia sea sunset …… Lao Chai has been lost count of how many places, but the journey of the beautiful moments every time he used the camera write it down.

Lao Chai pointed to a photo shoot in the Egyptian pyramids, some small proud to reporters said, look, I’ll shoot silhouette figures 20 years ago, and it looks pretty good.

More than the daily necessities of life, as well as poetry and distance, this is the attitude of Lao Chai life. The walls are covered countries coin money △ △ Lao Chai Lao Chai travel photos collected enough on the line, there are many other things waiting for me to do. In Lao Chai view, shop to make money just part of life, life there are more interesting things to do.

Every time dinner and Sunday, it is usually the busiest time of the restaurant, but never Lao Chai business.

Customers often ask me what time to open the door at night, I said sorry, I want to rest at night. Lao Chai said, yard bird fleas, it takes energy to take care of, he does not want only to make money daily rush and would appreciate the joy of harvest from these useless little things. related suggestion.