The city’s core urban and key area 5G signals basically realize the cover

  Recently, according to the unified arrangement of the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Big Data Bureau is responsible for comrades to report to the provincial government Standing Committee Research Group on the construction of digital economic development. The reporter learned that in recent years, the city has robbed opportunities, in-depth promotion of digital industrialization and industry digitalization, and achieve new weather in digital technology innovation applications, smart urban development, digital government construction, consumption business upgrade.

  The total output value of the city’s large data industry in 2020 reached 137 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 242%. The city has 225 key data, nearly 2,000 software and information service enterprises. 5G network construction rapidly promotes the base station over 10,000 new communication network infrastructure initial equipment, 2020, new 5G base station exceeded 10,000, accumulated more than 10,000, basic implementation of the core urban and key area 5G signal linked. The development of industrial Internet has accelerated, "Xi’an Industrial Cloud Platform" has been included in 233 products of the manufacturers, has been launched for 71 software application service products, and the total number of registered users in the platform has 11341. The city’s satellite network foundation is strong, with more than 50 enterprises and institutions engaged in GPS, Beidou Satellite Industry, engaged in GPS satellite and GPS satellite application industrial researchers more than 10,000 people. In addition, the city has also received a new generation of artificial intelligence test areas, and there are 11 artificial intelligence related national-level research and development platforms, 33 provincial and ministerial platforms, and launch the construction of national supercodies (Xi’an) centers. The country’s first block chain bodget center – Zhiki Diqi Center settled in Xi’an High-tech Financial Trade Zone, as of the end of 2020, the city’s block chain registered enterprises exceeded 100, the registered business scope included the block chain 500. The aggregation advantage of large data centers is also highlighted, and the national demographic data processing and backup center, national audit data processing centers have successively settled.

"Western Yungu" has also been prototype, and the annual output value of the industry in 2020 reached 12 billion yuan.

  615 village e-commerce service points to help the country’s digital economy core industry has developed rapidly, 3,673 high-tech enterprises, 4,145 small and medium-sized enterprises, 821 software and information technology service industry output value expect to exceed 300 billion yuan. In terms of industrial digital integration development, digital economy and agriculture have achieved remarkable results. At present, there are 8 county-level e-commerce service centers, 81 town-level e-commerce service stations, 615 village e-commerce service points, large number of information service agencies It has grown in rural residence. The digital economy and industry integration process are accelerated, and the proportion of intelligent production lines such as Shaanqi Group, Shaanxi Group and other enterprises will rapidly improve the development of manufacturing acceleration to digital, networked, and intelligent development. Xixian New District "Internet +" Smart Energy (Energy Internet) Demonstration Project Construction is remarkable.

Digital economy is also integrated with service industry, no sales trucks, smart consulting booths and other digital applications have landed traditional scenic spots, Alipay’s urban service platform business achieve basic coverage, living service, production capacity, traffic travel, knowledge skills, house accommodation, The sharing economy in key areas such as medical sharing is spread in the city.

  17,388 matters achieve the full network of digital government construction, the city has also achieved a new breakthrough, built the "133N" system government digital transformation architecture (including 1 government cloud platform, 3 support system, 3 guarantee system and N Application system); completed "1 Netcom" general portal, launching 29,868, realizing 17388 full network issues; online "I Xi’an" government service APP, providing 2072 convenience services such as daily payment; formulate "Xi’an government information system Casting the Data Sharing Work Implementation Plan ", build a city data sharing exchange platform, complete the system docking 193, and pay the shared quality data billion. edit:.