Anti-greater background color

With the end of emergency management, "I think I am really knotted with emergency management, 30 years, I found yours here.

"30 years ago, Qu Haitao should march the service of the Anshan City Fire Brigade. He has served as the soldiers, squad leaders, division captains, squad leaders, instructor, captain, participated in more than 4,000 major rescue missions, 6 times by the Liaoning Provincial Fire Corps and Anshan Fire Brigade comes to excellent Communist Party members, excellent party workers, excellent police officers; 35 years old. 2006, 35 years old Qu Haitao transferred to the former Anshan Qianshan District Safety Production Supervision Administration, Senior Staff.

"Others see, I turned into identity and role, but for myself, or the people are safe.

"Since our employment, he has taken the non-coal mine, dangerous chemicals, occupational health work, during which he insists on the first-line research problem, and has achieved non-coal mine production safety accidents, hazardous chemical production safety accidents, occupational disease rate is zero Performance, 7 times by the municipal and district two governments as model monitors and safety production advanced individuals. In February 2019, the Emergency Administration of Qianshan District was officially listed.

Qu Haitao was again reached again.

"To fully adhere to safety red lines with the highest working standards, the most strict job requirements, the hard work, and protect the safety of Qianchang District.

"Poverty Alleviation", "Poverty", according to the decision-making deployment of the district committee, the district government, and Quehai Tao took the initiative to undertake the publicity and education task of agricultural machinery and pesticide safety, and many organizers went deep into the rural greenhouses, agricultural cooperatives and agricultural products deep processing. Enterprises conduct preaching to ensure the production safety accidents have not occurred for many years agricultural machinery, farm and agricultural facilities.

In response to the actual situation of the migrant workers in the district, the cultural quality is low, Quehai Tao organizes special security education training, and nearly three thousand people in the past three years. In 2019, there were more than 180 of the 60 villages (Community) Secrets, Director and Safety Administrators in the region, and fully improved safety production awareness and safety production grid supervision capacity.

In response to the pear planting area in the Qianli District, the fruit farmer has organized the relevant personnel to organize relevant personnel to the whole area of ??greenhouses, 895 air link, 64 farmhouse, more than 300 agricultural cooperatives and agricultural products deep processing enterprises , Check the risk, except hidden dangers, prevent accidents, and avoid the income of farmers to increase production due to accidental injuries.

Anti-greater than rescue, defending the soil, and Qi Haitao adheres to the concept of "anti-larger than the saving", and always takes over into the first-line investigation of various hidden dangers. Once, he brought the team to check the process of steel production enterprises, found that there is no safety protection in the observation area of ??the converter control room. After the argument with the accompanying expert, Qu Haitao has issued a notice of rectification, requiring companies to add before the region. Pack protection steel net.

However, the installation of protective steel nets are large, and the converter is 12 meters from the observation area, and the person in charge of the steel enterprise believes that it is not necessary to install. "We checked the hidden dangers of the surface, but it is actually the hidden dangers.

"In this case, Qu Haitao will not be annoying, and repeatedly convincing the company many times, let them realize that hidden dangers are the harmfulness of the accident, and the company has installed the protection steel network after his repeatedly said.

Shortly after installation, the converter had a splash accident, and the 1600-degree molten steel splash reached 14 meters, and the protection steel network played an important role. The 13 staff in the control of the room were safe and sound, avoiding a major casualties. Now, the company has solidified it into a must-select action for each workshop team, and once again rectified.

After more than 30 years, Qu Haitao has experienced blood and fire baptism and life and death test. He said, "Just like it is the end of the emergency management, the pocket turn has been in this field." It turned out that the years were always unchanged, and the responsibility of the people’s interests was higher than that of all the emergency management workers. (Ma Yuehua) (The Emergency Management Department’s News Promotion Division and People’s Network) (Editor: Niu Yi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.