Relieving constipation since the time of pharmaceutical tea

Relieving constipation since the time of pharmaceutical tea

For constipation, many people think that it is a trivial matter and there is no need for treatment. In fact, this view is wrong.

Because constipation often induces some serious illnesses, emergencies, and even death.

For example, in patients with coronary heart disease, if there is a constipation, when the bowel movement is exerted, the blood pressure of the artery will increase, which will lead to the damage of the heart contraction, which will increase the load of the heart, which may lead to the onset of cardiac colic and even induce the heart.Vascular infarction.
  Hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis patients with constipation, but also due to excessive exertion during defecation, and increase the pressure in the chest, abdominal cavity, resulting in blood rushing into the cranial cavity, causing the intracranial vein to pass through, causing intracranial blood vesselsThe pressure is too high.

When the pressure of the intracranial blood vessels rises to such an extent that the blood vessel wall cannot withstand it, blood vessel rupture occurs and a cerebral hemorrhage occurs.

People who cause esophageal varices, stomach and duodenal ulcers or cavitary tuberculosis, if constipation occurs, can also cause venous rupture due to the same cause, resulting in massive vomiting or massive hemoptysis.

In addition, people with difficulty in defecation need to prolong the squat. When he suddenly gets up, the blood will quickly flow to the lower limbs, causing temporary lesions in the brain, which may lead to blackening of the eyes of the patient, confusion and fainting.

Some patients are injured, maimed, or even killed by falling.

It can be seen that constipation is a major hidden danger to human health and must not be taken lightly.

  Traditional Chinese medicine often divides constipation into four types: “dry heat knot”, “qi stagnation”, “blood deficiency and bowel dryness”, and “qi deficiency”.

In the clinical practice, the author can often receive satisfactory results by using “medicine tea” to treat constipation.

So, how to treat this type of constipation with herbal tea?


Treatment of dry heat and constipation of various types of constipation are manifested as: dry stool, short red urine, abdominal pain, bad breath, thirst, facial red body heat.

The principle of treatment is clearing heat and laxative.

It can be treated with “Scrophulariaceae Rehmannia Tea”: take Scrophulariaceae, 15 grams of raw land, raw rhubarb, and 5 grams of senna.

After brewing these medicinal boiling waters, drink them on behalf of the tea, one dose a day.

  Health, Scrophulariaceae can nourish yin and moisten; raw rhubarb and senna leaves have diarrhea heat, moisturizing effect, so you can use Xuanzan Dihuang tea to treat heat and internal injuries, constipation.


The type of constipation for treating qi stagnation is usually constipation. The symptoms are: stagnation of the stool or dry stool, chest fullness, suffocation, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and gas movement in the abdomen.

The principle of treatment is stagnation.

It can be treated with the “three sons guide tea”: 15 grams of Laizi, 10 grams of Suzi, 5 grams of Nitrogen.

Inject the three herbs into the coke, mash them, brew with boiling water, drink on behalf of the tea, 1 dose per day.

  The Laizizi in this side can guide stagnation and lowering gas, and is suitable for qi stagnation and abdominal distension, and constipation with suffocation; Suzi sexuality, good for spleen and sputum, also suitable for treating qi stagnation constipation;Trifocal qi stagnation, constipation caused by damp heat stasis is quite effective.


Treatment of blood deficiency and intestinal dryness constipation may be characterized by constipation: stool dryness is difficult, dizziness, palpitations, pale lips.

The principle of treatment is nourishing and moistening.

It can be treated with “Guiwu Erren Tea”: Take Angelica, 20 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, Baiziren (mashed), Hemp kernel (mashed) each 10 grams, honey amount.

The above-mentioned drugs are brewed with boiling water, and the tea is consumed frequently, one dose per day.

  Angelica, Polygonum multiflorum can make blood, moisten dry, laxative; Baiziren can nourish the heart, make the spleen and intestines; cannabis oil, the most suitable for blood deficiency, Jin dry, intestinal dry constipation; honey can moisturize intermediatesIt has the effect of nourishing and flavoring.


Treatment of qi deficiency and non-transit constipation type of constipation patients are often manifested as: pale, tired and weak, sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness and other symptoms.

The principle of treatment is to benefit Qi, tonic, and laxative.

It can be treated with “Ginseng Cinnamon Tea”: take 15 grams of Codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus membranaceus, Cistanche, 15 grams each of almonds (mashed), peach kernels (mashed), and honey.

The above-mentioned drugs are brewed with boiling water, and the tea is consumed frequently, one dose per day.
  Dangshen, Astragalus can produce Jin, Buzhong Yiqi; Cistanche can be tonic, Runchang, Tongzhi cure constipation; peach kernel, almond, honey can be grease.

This tea is suitable for the constipation caused by the weakness of the elderly after the qi deficiency and the illness.