Eagle Eyes debuts at the Chinese Badminton Open

“Eagle Eyes” debuts at the Chinese Badminton Open
Minnan News November 13th Yesterday, the Chinese Badminton Open entered the main game, and eagle eye technology was also used in the Chinese badminton arena for the first time.The first challenge to Eagle Eye was the Dutch women’s doubles player, but the challenge failed.  The official name of Eagle Eye is an instant playback system, which is composed of 8 high-speed cameras, four computers and a large screen.The system uses computer calculations to divide the three-dimensional space in the playing field into units of measurement in millimeters. It uses high-speed cameras to simultaneously capture the basic data of the badminton flight trajectory from different angles, and then uses computer calculations to generate three-dimensional images from these data.Finally, using real-time imaging technology, the large screen clearly shows the badminton movement route and landing point.”Eagle Eyes” will be used more and more in international competitions to ensure fairness and justice.The referee of the tournament, Ronnie De Vos from Belgium said.  According to regulations, players have two chances to challenge Hawkeye in the game, and the challenge will be reduced once. If they succeed, they will continue to have two chances to challenge.Due to cost and venue considerations, the Eagle Eye technology is only used in venues with TV broadcasts.Of the five venues for the China Badminton Open, only the Central One venue uses Eagle Eye.When a player challenges, the live big screen does not play a playback video to the audience.The result of the challenge is communicated to the on-duty referee through the official’s badge.  Yesterday, the Dutch player Avge Moskens/Selena Piek tried the first Eagle Eye challenge in the women’s doubles match against China’s Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan.When the Dutch combination led 7:6, the referee sent a penalty for the Dutch player’s smash and the Dutch player challenged.The Hawkeye system showed that the ball was out of bounds through replay, and the challenge failed.But the Dutch players eventually eliminated the Chinese combination in two straight games.(Haidu reporter Huang Xuanxuan)