With Tony’s words falling,Everyone saw his launcher rise on both shoulders。M62Small missile locks onto the target through Jarvis,Immediately swish,With a long flame,Run directly to each other。

Looking at this missile with flames,Feng Shui Master felt its threat,Leap aside immediately to avoid。
“Ha ha,If I can avoid it so easily,It is notM62Missile。”Seeing the actions of the Feng Shui master,Tony said something disdainfully。
M62missile,Also known asM62Tracker,Just lock the target,It will complete the task before it stops,Even with decoys,Or blocked,Will automatically avoid。
Such a missile,How can Feng Shui masters escape??After a few dodges,Still beM62Missile catching up and hitting,Bombed the opponent directly。
“boom!boom!boom!”With loud noise,The fire is soaring into the sky,Light up the dark night sky。
The impact gun is not far behind,At the moment the opponent was hit,The muzzle came out of light,The launch that followed。
And our poor feng shui master,It’s hard to reach the point of wandering corpses after all the hardships,The body should be indestructible,But sadly ran into a hot weapon that does not belong to this world at all,Directly vaporized……
“amount……That Tony,Task completed,Can you stop firing。”A few people looked at Tony and they didn’t seem to be devoted,Look like never giving up,Hurriedly shouted。
“Haha,Cool!”Heard a few people shouting,Tony made Jarvis stop。
“……。”Everyone listens,Speechless。
But Uncle Jiu is very happy,The group members are really strong,I thought there might be a fight against a corpse,I didn’t expect to be easily solved by Tony。
Naturally, everyone is happy when the task is completed,Points,Everyone got the full800Point reward。
Everyone guessed that the Feng Shui master was too late to harm the villagers,Or no one among so many people was injured,It’s also possible that the Feng Shui master has no time to control low-level zombies。
As for the specific reason,no one knows,After all, this is the first group mission。
But a good start,Means success,Not only make everyone passionate,I also look forward to chat groups。。。