She believes,This way,By virtue of his physical appearance,Coupled with the communication skills cultivated for many years as a reporter,I must be able to conquer this stuffy gourd。

Two in tandem,Through the woods,Out of this jungle,Came to the edge of the desert。
right now,There are two paths in front of the two,One is to return to Sandstorm City first,Then find a way to contact the South Korean military department,Let them send another warship to pick it up,And the other way,Is protected by Commander Wuhao,Escort yourself back to the circle of chaos,Back to Korea at night。
Faced with these two choices,Hu Lin is actually a little hesitant。
Because she was worried that she could not tell,Taishan ship destroyed,Even the dudes in the investigation team are all dead,If this news spreads from Sandstorm City back to Ye Korea,Will cause an uproar。
And the strangest thing is,Only survived by myself,This will inevitably be thought-provoking。
Especially the families behind the members of the investigation team,They easily have other associations,Even suspicious of Hu。
After all, Sandstorm City is strictly speaking,Belongs to the jurisdiction of the military,Everything is wrong now,Only I survived,Hard to be convincing。
And if I can sneak into night Korea quietly,Get in touch with the family first,Can minimize the adverse impact of this event。
Want to be here,Hu Lin couldn’t help showing a sweet smile,A timid little girl,Asked softly:“Your Excellency Commander Wuhao,Can you escort me back to Korea at night??I feel like this to me,Good for Sandstorm City。”
Lu Menglin glanced at her faintly,Silent for a moment,Said faintly:“You should wash your face first!”
Hu Lin was shocked,I didn’t wear a battle armor,Naturally there is no automatic cleaning function,The face has long been a big painted face,I’m actually ignorant,With a self-righteous smile,It’s really embarrassing。
“Sorry!I go to wash my face!”Hu Lin turned and ran,Stumbled a few steps,Look around,There is a vast desert in front of me,Where did the water come from?
at this time,I only heard the voice of the Wuhao Commander who was still not emotional。
“Water is here!”The voice has not fallen,A kettle slammed down beside Hu Lin。
Hu Lin with her back,Afraid to look at each other,Quickly took the kettle,I poured out the water and washed my face。
The two began to walk in the desert,I met the Dark Race several times along the way,Were all destroyed by Lu Menglin。