The status of this Miss Qin in Anshan City,He is not comparable to Wang Fusheng。

In order to invite her to the shop for tea,Wang Fusheng used all relevant contacts。
As long as I can have a good relationship with her,In Ansan City from now on,No problem walking sideways。
For a time,I’m so grateful for my wise decision。
Among several applicants,Only Chen Xiu stayed。
Seems to be lucky,God is helping。
3 Do my broken shoes fit your feet?
At noon,Wang Fusheng politely sent the beauty out the door。
“Chen Xiu,Miss Qin would like to ask you a favor after get off work at night,Work hard,Must not go wrong。”I called Chen Xiu to the office when I came back,Be careful。
“Good boss。”
Chen Xiu’s girlfriend broke up now,Ok at night,Then agreed。
A day passes quickly。
Repeated verification,Let Chen Xiu’s ability to Guyu,More and more confident。
Not only can help him identify antiques。
And the benefits to the body,Very big。
Only get started with five genuine products,Has made him clear,Power and speed,At least doubled。
If you can draw energy from antiques every day,What will it be like。