Silently,A ripple suddenly appeared in the deep blue space,An emerald green leaf appeared out of thin air,Leaves spinning,Full of vitality,It turns faster,Quickly merge with that charming blue,So the quiet deep blue began to throb,The seal of space also quietly opened。

Without warning,A golden sword flew out from the depths of space,It’s fast indescribable,Passed through like an aurora‘Nirvana handkerchief’The big mouth in the center,Then disappear without a trace。
The big mouth is open enough,But it seems hard to bite down anymore,That long, impatient tongue suddenly broke,Then there were cracks around the big mouth,The crack is getting bigger,Finally crashed,entire‘Nirvana handkerchief’All shocked,The countless mouths above began to scream crazy,Because there is a terrible big hole in the center of the handkerchief,In the middle of the big hole is a more terrifying dark void。
The evil screams and quarrels are actually full of fear,‘Nirvana handkerchief’Violent shaking and drifting,It floats left and right,Seems to be caught in a fierce struggle and struggle,But I can no longer firmly seal Li Tianzhu’s gods,The vitality that has been blocked for a long time flows in like a flood that bursts a bank,The dull sea of vitality immediately set off a huge wave,The colorful beam of light hummed brightly,Countless colorful runes flew out to those extremely annoying mouths。
And dozens of bright flames flew under the colorful beam of light,That is a true god,The brightest ball of fire is Venerable Firewalker,He is holding a black knife,Murderous,Between the eyebrows is a desperate fight。
Although the gods are jealous‘Nirvana handkerchief’The name of,But now is the moment of life and death,There is absolutely no reason to sit still,All true gods with mental attacks are in a desperate posture,In an instant,Dozens of magic soldiers bombarded‘Nirvana handkerchief’Many big mouths,Thick gray smoke,Then there were holes。
‘Nirvana handkerchief’Although extremely fierce,But under severe damage,Finally lost the courage to fight again,The many big mouths that still exist suddenly screamed in unison,Howling is an extreme form of mental attack,Especially for the soul,As if it’s a ruin。
A true god was surging with blood,Fall from the air one after another,The guy with the weakest cultivation base is very unlucky,The soul burst immediately,Just fell,and‘Nirvana handkerchief’Like erratic rags,A few hovered in the sky,Subsequently,The haze and mist that shrouded the sky also dissipated,Above the colorful light,The bright starry sky is restored again。
Even the surface of the blue space was cracked by the sharp whistle,There was a pain in the depths of the space**,It seems that the divinity was hit again by sound waves,Fortunately, the space is wide enough,Under the washing of dark blue liquid,Those cracks disappear quickly。
“Kid,This is the last time i help you,Do things with a little brain, OK??”
Li Tianzhen wakes up in extreme pain,My head hurts like a blast,Tearing burning sensation came from the left chest,He struggled to untie his shirt and check,Surprised to find,There are only four leaves left on the green linden leaf,A green leaf that just disappeared only left a bright red mark,It’s like being branded on by hot iron tongs。
Recalling these seven bodhi leaves,The first piece falls,Let him hide the hole,Created the sea of vitality,The second film turned into a long-established killer in the gods‘Blasting sword’,Now this third film saved his life,Seven green leaves are precious,I’ve been there for a little while now,And the road to awakening is still very long,Divine words echoed in Li Tianzhen’s mind,Immediately made him ashamed。