Create business environment Shanxi improved market regulatory field approval service efficiency

People’s Network Taiyuan December 9th (Lei Hao) comprehensively undertakes the five types of product approval issuance functions, establish and improve the provincial issuing work system; key deployment for the preparation and other categories of food business license, inspection and testing institutional qualification The implementation of three types of matters such as food-related products and fertilizer production licenses inform the commitment to conduct approval, implementing 11 types of matters such as food production licenses to implement the reform of the approval service reform; the approval period of the provincial approval matters is further compressed by 30% on the basis of the original commitment time limit … … Today, from the press conference held by the Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration, the bureau continued to increase the administrative examination and approval reform of the market supervision, and strive to improve the civilization, information level, and fully create a superior business. In continuous improvement and enhance administrative examination and approval management operation efficiency, vigorously implement the right to discharge, and fully implement the "license separation" reform, etc. have achieved phased outcomes. According to reports, according to the national unified catalog, the Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration actively promotes the "license separation" reform in the province’s market supervision, "issued" Notice on the All-in-laws in the province’s market supervision "reform full coverage "The key deployment of three types of matters such as prepackage and other categories of food business licenses, inspection and testing institutions, food related products and fertilizer production licensing, etc., implementation of 11-type matters such as food production licenses to implement optimized approval services reform. From January to November this year, Shanxi Province conducts 49 food-related product certificates, 11 fertilizers, and nearly 10,000 food management licenses.

The 4-level comprehensive inspection centers and agencies conducted a continuation or new office of the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institutions in accordance with the inspection and testing method, and implemented a smooth start informing the promise of the examination and approval in the field of qualification. Continuously enhance administrative examination and approval services.

The bureau has comprehensively canceled the pre-application materials involved in the approval matters, and the provision of various certificates of non-laws and regulations, annoyance companies and the masses have a comprehensive cancellation, list of matters, service guides, front materials, processes, one-time Inform the materials and other materials all combously updated and publicize the publication, fully promoting administrative approval reduction materials, subtraction, reduced time limit, and continuously improve the effectiveness of approval services. Next, the Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration will work hard to create no difference, no obstacle, no worries, expectations, trustworthy, and develop "three no" "three can" business environment depth, solitary, solitary, continuous Improve the effectiveness of approval services, create a business environment, and make a positive contribution to the full-scale promotion of high quality development in Shanxi Province.

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