Beijing Public Library Epidemic Prevention Service Outstanding Details

Original title: Public library epidemic prevention service outstanding details This newspaper (Reporter Li Yang) has new situations in the national epidemics, and all public libraries in Beijing have more strictly enforced reservation system and cancel offline readers, and people also Note the details of many epidemic prevention services in the library. Yesterday morning, the capital library B was entangled in the mouth, and people queued into the hall quietly in line with the queue between the ground. From the first map WeChat subscription number, you can measure the appointment voucher. After sweeping health treasure, you can see the automatic sterilization of the elevator mouth. Stretching the hand to the water mouth, the net mobile phone will spray the fog from being removed from the disinfection, both hands, clean.

Such auto-bactericidal mobile phones can be seen at the door of each reading room. The book disinfection cabinet is also a must-have for each reading room. At the door of the second floor Chinese literature, the two aunt positively put themselves to the magazine to borrow in the disinfection cabinet. The cabinet is divided into two chambers, and can be disinfected for six books. Open the book casually open it, hang on the sterilization bracket, close the door, click on the room or lower room to disinfect, the machine automatically runs. "It is very convenient, fast." After 30 seconds, a aunt gave a satisfaction with his own magazine left the reading room. Many readers who come to the first figure prefer to be self-study in the reading room.

Now, all two chairs can only be placed in front of the reading table, and the two chairs are turned to open, let the readers sitting in the opposite direction try to avoid contact.

The small reading table keeps one table of settings, so that the readers use more peace of mind. The Capital Library is currently maintained at 3,100, and 300 places are exclusive to children libraries.

In the parent-child reading room of the Children’s Pavilion, Ms. Tian took the "shop game" to tell two children. Although the paint is very thin, it takes about 20 minutes, no matter whether the parents are still children, they will consciously pick up masks. The administrator of the reading room also came over from time to time, and it was found that there were children’s masks to remind them to wear it. At noon, it was difficult to see the takeaway rider to give the reader.

Before the start of the epidemic, the first map has been adjusted to the management regulations, and the readers are prohibited from dining in the library (originally allowed to eat on the idle table in the corridor). This management has been more stringent.

Readers with a food demand can go to the reading space in the library, buy a simple meal, or eat in the empty space in the hospital. For the prevention and control of the epidemic, the first map and other public libraries have conducted nucleic acid detection for the staff. The first picture directly facing the reader’s desk staff even detects twice a week.

Although the offline activities of the library have stopped, online readers are still continuing.

The first map will invite the Vice Researcher of National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Legong brings online lectures "a conversation of the millennium – interpretation of the astronomical secrets of crab-like nebes in ancient Chinese; August 21 Inviting urban planners, famous writers, Hao Jingfang and readers interpret the city with modern perspectives, talking about the past, now, future cities. (Editor: Li Bo, Bao Congying) Share more people to see.