Beijing Chaoyang District notified 2 cases of confirmed cases activity trajectory

People’s Daily November 11th (Pool Dream) November 10th to 24:00 In the Beijing-in-Beijing contact, it has been transshrough to fixed-point hospital isolation treatment.

At the 258th Press Conference of Beijing New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work this afard, Yang Wei, deputy director of the People’s Government of Chaoyang District, Beijing picked up the new cases and activity trajectories in Chaoyang District. Credentiary case 1: Guo, is the Headquarters of China Kunlun Engineering Co., Ltd. October 28th to November 10th in Beijing Shengli Hotel and Tarim Hotel, November 5th to China Kunlun Engineering Co., Ltd. Headquarters, 15:00 to Central Coal Hotel Dongzhi shop, at 18:00 Go to Xiaoxiang Building. At 10:00 on November 6, I went to Qinmen Xi’an University (National Olympics) to eat; in the afternoon to Yaoyuan café; at night to Huangmen Old Stove Hot Pot (Asian Games Village Store) Eating; November 7th, in the North Beach Century UNDUS 6688 shop shopping; November 8th, 8:00 Purchase Headquarters, China Kunlun Engineering Co., Ltd., arrive at Raffles Shopping Mall at around 13:00 in the afternoon, arrived at the oil building at around 14:30, 19: 40 to Tun, the old two farmhouse Iron pan stewed.

On November 9th, I arrived at Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, No. 6, Huangjiao City, No. 7, Huajia City, about 711 (Dongzhutian) shopping, 18: 50 points, go to the door box Hutong Chai Boiled Datun Road Eating meals. Credentiary case 2: Wang, Dalian Petrochemical came to Beijing. Want to Beijing on October 28th; 19:25 on October 31st to Beijing Yunnan Pool Stone Pot Fish Catering (Wangjing Flagship Store) Eating; on November 1st 14:00, take the subway to No. 7, Hua Jiacheng, No. 6 Building; 11 2nd – November 10th, stay in Beijing Victory Hotel; November 5th, 11:44 to the North Beach Century Hualian 6688 shop (gate of Shengli Hotel) shopping; 18: 00-22: 00 to Xiaoxiang Building (Datun Road) Store) Eating; 10:00 on November 6th, go to Qinmen Xi’an University (National Olympic) to eat; in the afternoon to Yizhan café; go to Huangmen Old Stove Hot Pot (Asian Games Shop), November 8th: 30 to the old two farmhouse cooker (Olympic Village) dining.

Chaoyang District Related Agency On Night Victory Hotel, Tarim Hotel Conference, Medium Petroleum Fuel Co., Ltd. (Bailen Center B), China Petroleum Kunlun Building (No. 8 Jiang Xingyuan), Capricorn Li (National Olympic Village), Zhongyuan Food (Olin Jiatai Building underground), Xiaoxiang Building (Datun Road), Tunuo 2 Farmhouse Iron Pot Stew (Olympic Village Store), a house, one stone house (No.1, National Park, Huasan ); North Beach Century Hualian Supermarket, Huangmen Old Stove Hot Pot (Asian Games Shop), Yunyuan Coffee, Beijing Chaoyang Station, Beijing Huadia City Building No. 6 Building, etc., key parts, key personnel in nucleic acid detection.

Up to now, 3,738 people are sampled, except for the above two have been diagnosed, and the remaining 3736 people are negative.

Synchronize 402 environment samples, and 8 samples in the room where new cases are in addition to positive, the rest is negative. Yang Wei suggests that there have been a case of contact history or activity trajectory with confirmed cases or the activities of the activities, and immediately actively report to the community (village), work unit, residential hotel, or call the Chaoyang Disease Control Department Hotline 87789709 report, and cooperate with the implementation Prevention and control measures to do nucleic acid detection as soon as possible. (Editor: Li Bo, Guo Yafei) Sharing let more people see.