Does fat and thin affect life?

Does fat and thin affect life?

The traditional and traditional “old birthday stars” are usually the crane hair, the face is red and fat.

It is synonymous with health and longevity. Although there is a statement that “there is money to buy old and thin”, some people are still afraid of others saying that they have recently lost weight. It seems that skinny is a sign of disease.

In fact, excessive “blessings” are not blessings. In a sense, the “sufficiency” of a small amount of storage in the body has formed obesity, which may be a scourge.

The effect of fat and thin on life should be considered from two aspects.

The potential for obesity is naturally more than that of thin people, but thin people should consider whether they are healthy and normal skinny or thin due to various consumptive diseases. If it is superfluous, not only can it not live longer, it will affect life expectancy.

But in general, obesity itself does not affect life expectancy, but excessively easy to develop diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, etc., will actually reduce life expectancy.

Therefore, we are not only opposed to blind weight loss, but also do not advocate “cultivating animal fat”, and appropriate efforts to make the fat and moderate.

In other words, we must calculate our ideal weight according to our own specific conditions, and then control our body weight to the ideal range through diet, exercise and other measures to ensure a healthy body and truly healthy and longevity.

In general, a person should not be overweight when he was a child, otherwise the number of abnormal cells in the body is too large, and it is easy to become obese in adolescence, youth, middle age and old age.

And if you develop obesity within 2 years of age, it is very difficult to lose weight for life.

In adolescence and youth, weight should be slightly lower than the standard weight, leaving room for weight gain in the middle age.

Middle-aged and elderly people should maintain their weight in the ideal weight range, up to the maximum weight, and strive to maintain weight stability.

  Other substances mainly present in the brain are neuropeptide Y which promotes appetite, and serotonin and corticotropin releasing hormone (also known as CRH) which suppress appetite.

These substances interact and conflict with each other, forming a fairly complex balance that regulates body weight within a stable range.

The occurrence of obesity is most likely due to the fact that the effects of these substances are problematic on some of them, leading to an increase in the set point, thereby maintaining the body weight at a heavier level.

For example, when the body has resistance to leptin, the hypothalamic set point can not feel the slight excess of storage in the body, and still maintains a strong appetite, so that it can not lower the weight, the result is for adultsLet it grow and let it go.

If you can find some ways to lower your weight point, it will be a new way to treat obesity.