No career is easy,The hard work shows that it is going uphill,Easy job descriptions are going downhill,Tian Lu understands this truth,Can’t complain。

Busy business during the day,Working overtime at night,Tian Lu is not squeamish at work,It is normal to stay up late and work overtime,Busy and hard work,Maybe it’s going uphill,Tian Lu is optimistic and positive。
XtNetwork Technology Headquarters。Work the next day,Xuchang can’t wait to print out the cooperation plan,The cooperation plan just launched,Hold in hand,The paper is still hot。
Xuchang after flipping,Happy,Thought,If we can get this cooperative project in hand,Further business development,If it works well,Potential for development,Will beXtNetwork technology brings a lot of income。
As the saying goes:Big fish and small fish are a dish in the basket。
Not to mention the cooperation with the well-known Metrojet Fashion Magazine in the industrial park,Not a big fish,But it can’t be counted as a small fish,It is also a partner not to be underestimated。
thus,After receiving the passed plan,Xuchang will report to Xiao Hua, manager of the department。
XtNetwork technology is a hierarchical company,Have to report layer by layer。
Manager Xiao Hua is a leader“Talent”People。He has worked in network technology longer than Xuchang,Many working methods are more artistic。
Xiao Hua then reported to General Manager Roberts,Fully affirmed by Robles,And quite support cooperation。
Xuchang took the initiative to invite,Go to the industrial park to discuss matters。
morning,Tian Lu received a text message from Xuchang,The text says,He will be in the industrial park this afternoon,I want to meet with George from Metro Fashion Magazine to talk about cooperation.,Let Tian Lu make an appointment with George。
The boss’s order had to be taken from,Before meeting George,Tian Lu was puzzled for a moment:Why did Director Xu come here suddenly??I’m not worried about this cooperation case,Or does it mean that the leaders pay more attention to it??In short,I should be happy,The leader himself,Must show importance,But I always feel something is wrong。
It’s obviously a business Tian Lu talked about,Regardless of format size。