The dagger was left on the gunner’s body,There is no fingerprint of Xiang Chen on it,So next to Sun Songtang,Naturally, Xiang Chen won’t do anything extra。

Xiang Chen reminded Sun Songtang,It’s not that he is upright and unwilling to hurt people behind his back,I’m just afraid that a sudden attack will accidentally hurt Han Yuxiang。
Sun Songtang turned his head and looked towards Xiangchen,The first scene that caught your eye,Surprised him。
Subconsciously put down the Korean Xiang,Until the latter fell to the ground and let out an exclamation,Sun Songtang made another foot on Han Yuxiang’s forehead,This time, neither Xiang Chen nor Sun Songtang are worried about the Korean Xiang meeting anymore.。
“Unrecognizable,Turns out I’ve missed!”
Sun Songtang looked at Xiang Chen,Muscle twitching on the face,Smile but not smile。
“I reminded you to leave,But lust hurts you!”
Xiang Chen took a deep breath,Shrugged。
Sun Songtang stopped talking,It’s another big drape and directly beat Xiang Xiangchen。
“Come again?”
Xiang Chen couldn’t help laughing,Then there is a mark on the ground under the foot that only appears when the brake is suddenly stopped。
Tan Qisha once said to Xiang Chen,Da Phi Gai practiced to the highest level,Shooting a human skull is as easy as shooting tofu,Xiang Chen had tried Sun Songtang’s strength before,Beginner,But not strong enough。