Tian Lu just simply lists things that overlap with employees in work。

Tian Lu’s attitude towards things is reasonable,So Yang Xiao nodded in agreement,Yang Xiao thinks:Assistant Tian has never thought too much about the staff,Why are they“impeach”Where’s Assistant Tian。
Tian Lu has found someone who can understand herself,Friend in trouble。
Seeing her confused and sometimes looking towards Tian Lu,Tian Lu was amused,Said:“Thank you for telling me the information about me behind these employees,If there is a suitable time,They make irresponsible remarks in the group,You can objectively guide,This is also helpful to me,Thank you。”
Yang Xiao never thought about the studio“Second in command”Would say such a low profile to her,Replied。
Tian Lu feels a ray of sunlight illuminates her heart。There are always people in the studio,For example, Yang Xiao is one of them。
Farewell,Tian Lu spoke to her sincerely:“Thank you,Yang Xiao。”
“You’re welcome。”Yang Xiao smiled back and waved goodbye。
The two separated friendly。
Along the way,Tian Lu was thinking,No matter what the studio is,And can do things righteously、An employee who has won her heart,Very pleased and contented。I am inexplicably cheerful。
Actually Tian Lu is also judging,Yang Xiao didn’t understand where to correct the manuscript,Although I understood later,I can only pray to her not“opinionated”No correction needed,Thought I wrote very well,I think Assistant Tian is superfluous.。Once Yang Xiao misunderstood or biased Tian Lu,It is easy to be brainwashed and influenced by people in small circles。
Regarding the revision of the manuscript,one way or another,Tian Lu is doing her best,Hope they don’t make mistakes,Less error,Try to make the best,Just have a clear conscience to them。
Yang Xiao has an idea,Is a staff worthy of contribution,No one is perfect,Not asking for full blame、Don’t be too demanding。
the next day,Xuchang returns in triumph。
Tian Lu reports to Xuchang on the daily arrival of the studio staff,I also talked about the fact that the staff created a small work group in a circle。
Tian Lu said:“They never matter whether you are right or wrong in the group,But always speak ill of me。”Tian Lu couldn’t help it this time,Voiced the idea。
I thought Xu Chang would speak from Tian Lu’s perspective,I didn’t expect Xuchang to be as before,He said bluntly:“Since they all talk about you right and wrong,Then you have to find the problem by yourself。”
This sentence,Utterly condescending,Ashamed,Maybe I really have a problem,She wants to reflect。