Li Tianchou indifferent,A Hao’s so insidious and cruel is mostly Zhang Zhiqiang’s instigation。And the troublesome Xufengtang,Is also in close contact with Zhang Zhiqiang,This person and Uncle Geng are at odds,Is the most important thing to watch out for。One of the key points after I took over is here,Otherwise, the living environment of everyone will be more difficult and sinister。

The two looked casually in the courtyard,Very depressed,Also silent,No one suggested going to Uncle Geng’s room to see Awei。After shaking for two laps,Hai bald child is a little tired,Sit on the ground,“Take a break to work,Oh shit,No time to sleep later in the night。”
Li Tianchou is also very tired,Sat beside Bald。
“I saw someone。”Bald sea looking up at the sky,“This bastard is probably Zhang Zhiqiang,Ruthless。”
“He is here too?”Li Tianchou was surprised。
“Not clear,I haven’t seen it before,But this time it feels like it should be him。This guy is much tougher than the others,Otherwise I wouldn’t be so embarrassed。”Bald Hai seems to have lingering fears。
“I also met people from Xufengtang,The mad king is there。”Li Tianchou remembered the suicide“Viper”,Still feel uncomfortable。
“Paralyzed,All the ghosts and monsters are here,Draft shit,What can i do?”Bald yelling,It seems that his encounter with Zhang Zhiqiang is very unpleasant,Or it’s a loss。
“What about this group of people?”
“Haha,I was tricked into the valley by Laozi,I will measure them before tomorrow morning。”Sea bald laugh,Finally proud。
Li Tianchou secretly laughed,I didn’t expect this big bald head to have such a frank side。
“This old house is pretty good,Do you need to make up your own mind in the future。”Hai bald touched her body for a long time,Find half a pack of cigarettes,After the two clicked on,Bald said again:“It’s just bloody smell,And also exposed,It’s fucking impossible。”
Li Tianchou can hear Hai Bald’s nostalgia for here,Used to move around,Just like everyday,Uncle Hai has never been so emotional,It seems that the relationship between Cai Jiayuan and him and Uncle Geng is really not shallow。
“Keep the old house,We will come back later。”Li Tianchou’s heart is hot,Emotional words blurted out。
Bald Hai looks at Li Tianchou without speaking,Face is full of charcoal,I can’t see the expression,But he was really happy,If I can live for a few days in the future,This place is his most hopeful destination。