Gu Rimou’s dry cough,Look at Chen Xiu again with an idiot look。

“Are you real or fake?,Didn’t your master teach you??”
“I don’t know,What’s the point of lying to you!”
Chen Xiu walked all the way,All on your own,Naturally, I don’t know many secrets in the world of cultivation。
“The Liu Family in Kyoto is the representative of the secular world of Jingleimen,Has existed for thousands of years,Many children in the family,Among them, there are no shortage of third-class masters。You say it’s awesome!”
“Third grade master!”
Chen Xiu used what he pointed out,Said with a surprised look:“Doesn’t he live longer than the bastard!”
“King eight!”
Gu Rimou burst into laughter,Pointing at Chen Xiu:“The cultivation world dare to describe Liu Tianhao, an old turtle like this,You are the first,I can really tell that your master is real and didn’t teach you anything!”
“I have no master,Teach a fart!”Chen Xiu was thinking。
“I care if Liu Tianhao is a tortoise or a bastard,How good he is,I don’t rely on him for food。”
Chen Xiu is really not afraid of any third-level master,He really troubles himself,The world is so big,It’s a big deal, I go to Africa to hide,Find him。
“You still have to see if this elemental spar can make Zi Lin break through!”