7 natural ways to refresh you

7 natural ways to refresh you

A recent article in the United States “Prevention” magazine introduced 7 natural ways to help you quickly relax and refresh without having to repeatedly drink coffee, smoke, etc.

  Chew gum.

Gum not only refreshes your breath, it also wakes your brain.

A British study in 2012 showed that chewing gum for 15 minutes can speed up the heartbeat, increase blood flow to the brain, and stimulate the autonomic nerves, which is alarming.

Researchers suggest that it’s best to choose a mint flavor.

  Eat more whole grains.

Plasma can quickly raise blood sugar levels and make people feel tired.

The use of whole grains instead of refined carbohydrate foods can give people more energy.

But less than Utah, too many grains will stimulate the body to secrete a large amount of serotonin, which will make people sleepy.

It is recommended to eat whole grains for breakfast.

  With red lights.

Bright light wakes the brain.

Research from the New York Lighting Research Center shows that red light can be sobering.

In contrast, blue light can make people calm, so it is recommended to use blue light after lunch to relax and take a lunch break, and use red light when working in the afternoon to sober mind and improve work efficiency.

  At 3 pm, learn something new.

A study by the University of Michigan found that it is easy to become drowsy at 3 pm.

Dr. John Caldwell, a former NASA expert and fatigue management expert, suggested that learning something new at this time can invigorate the spirit, such as reading several articles related to work.

  Fiddle with flowers and plants.

German studies have found that people who like gardening are more active than people who are sedentary.

Excavation and other actions can stimulate the body and make people more awake.

  Humming little song.

Solo can be exciting, and the effect is almost equivalent to aerobic exercise.

It is suggested that if you are tired from work, you might as well get up and sing your favorite song, which can instantly clear your head.

  Rub your ears.

The ears are full of meridian points, just rub the ears with your thumb and index finger for a few seconds to get a refreshing effect.